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We’re here to help. Our UltraCare Guides can help you find coverage for treatment and answer any questions. Patient Access Liaisons can help you find financial assistance and coordinate your care plan. Clinical Engagement Liaisons can help you stay on track with your treatment.

UltraCare Guides are people who help patients gain access to their treatment

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Our UltraCare Guides are experienced professionals who can help you at every step of your treatment journey. They can directly answer your questions regarding treatment access and provide you with continued support.

Patient access liaisons help you at every touchpoint to access sites and coverage for your treatment. They are here to help you with any logistical challenges you may encounter while finding treatment.

Clinical Engagement Liaisons help you to start and stay on track with your treatment. They can answer questions about the condition for which you're being treated and your medication, and help you follow guidance from your doctor.

Alison Vandenbussche
Director of Patient Access

“I’m motivated by hearing patients’ stories and feeling their overwhelming gratitude and hope.”

Alison has spent the last several years of her pharmaceutical career focusing on rare disease. Her own life experience has shown her the power that educating people about disease can have in removing stigma. As a Patient Access Liaison, she is tenacious in helping patients.

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Amanda List

“It is very rewarding to see a problem through to the end, and when a patient thanks you, it is the best feeling in the world.”

Amanda specializes in working with patients with rare diseases. As an UltraCare Guide, she applies her problem-solving skills to her passion for helping others.

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Angelica Ferrera

“Our goal as a team in the company is patient centricity, and being a symbol of hope to our patients motivates me to be an UCG (UltraCare Guide).”

Angelica discovered her calling to make a positive impact in the lives of others while pursuing a degree in kinesthesiology. She’s self-motivated and adaptable, working hard to resolve issues for each of her cases. As an UltraCare Guide, she enjoys providing guidance and support for patients in need.

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Chevette Radford

“I am rewarded by connecting with patients and building relationships. I love when we resolve issues and knock down barriers for patients as a team!”

Chevette has been in the pharmaceutical/biotech industry for more than 2 decades, in both reimbursement and clinical sales positions. She has spent the last several years of her career focusing on rare disease and finds educating people about disease very rewarding. As a Patient Access Liaison, she loves to connect with patients and assist them on their treatment journey.

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Erik Moseley

“I found my passion for helping others navigate through what can be some tough and confusing times, and realized, maybe I can make a difference.”

Erik brings an energetic spirit to every case, helping to make dealing with healthcare providers and insurance companies a little more fun. As an UltraCare Guide, Erik takes joy in making a difference in the lives of patients and the positive differences they make in his.

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Erika Loza

“Being able to hear how happy patients are for the help I have provided is what keeps me going.”

Erika began her career in orthopedics, where she discovered her passion for patient advocacy. She brings her determination and persistence with her to every case. As an UltraCare Guide, she’s passionate and dedicated to her work and enjoys working with people who have a variety of experiences.

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Daniel Dunn

“Assisting patients, caregivers, and healthcare providers navigate the complexities of the US healthcare system is my passion.”

Dan has been advocating for caregivers and patients with rare diseases for many years, while helping patients access a variety of specialty medications and supporting healthcare provider reimbursement challenges. As a Patient Access Liaison, he knows it is a daunting task to “go it alone.” Knowing that his experience and expertise can help make people’s lives a little easier while handling the challenges of the US healthcare system is very satisfying for Dan.

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Darlene Cabuntala

“It is very rewarding to know that the work I do every day is making an impact in patients’ lives.”

Darlene has spent much of her time in the pharmaceutical industry working in patient case management. She remains committed to do what it takes to overcome any obstacles her patients may face. As an UltraCare Guide, she is motivated to make a difference.

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Dorian Montanez

“Knowing that I am making a difference in someone’s life is so rewarding.”

Dorian began his career in customer service before eventually joining the UltraCare Guide team. He was inspired by the team’s commitment to helping patients access treatments and wanted to become a part of that. As an UltraCare Guide, he approaches every case with empathy.

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Greg Pique

“I bring exceptional customer compassion and will continuously pursue action in favor of my patients’ well-being.”

Greg loves helping people and does not rest on a single case until he has done everything he can to resolve the patient’s issue. As an UltraCare Guide, Greg combines his compassionate nature with his joy for troubleshooting to help patients and their families.

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Hannah Godfrey

“Being a support for my patients and their families is my first priority. Knowing that I am able to assist them is rewarding and exciting.”

Hannah has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Salem State University. She has many years of experience working in patient care, ranging in direct clinical care within an emergency department to patient advocacy for end-stage renal disease patients. As an UltraCare Guide, Hannah is committed to helping patients gain access to medication as well as being a point of contact when any questions or concerns arise.

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Heidi Reilly

“My passion is helping patients and families understand their rare disease and supporting them throughout their journey.”

Heidi is a longtime registered dietitian and has worked as a metabolic dietitian. She has always been an advocate for patients and makes sure they receive the support and guidance needed to manage their disease. As a Clinical Engagement Liaison, she takes pride in raising awareness of rare diseases.

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Jack Stiefel
Director of Patient Services, Bone Franchise

“I found a love for patient access as I could see how I was actually helping patients.”

Jack enjoys the camaraderie and teamwork he has with the rest of the UltraCare team. As a Patient Access Liaison, his passion is with the patients he helps.

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Jacklyn De Castro

“At times there can be many hurdles for a patient to get access to their therapy. What motivates me is that I can be a part of their journey and truly make a difference in their lives.”

Jacklyn attended San Francisco State University and graduated with a bachelor’s of science degree in Physiology. As an UltraCare Guide, she is committed to helping patients get access to therapy.

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Jena Callen-Scholz

“I’m very excited about my role working with clinicians, but also helping patients directly.”

Jena has been with Ultragenyx since 2017, serving as both an UltraCare Liaison and Certified Field Trainer. She now works with FAOD patients and their multidisciplinary clinical teams. As a Clinical Engagement Liaison, she is passionate about helping to make new treatments available to patients with unmet needs.

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Jennifer Kennedy

“The most rewarding part of this job is helping the patients access their medication.”

Jennifer combines her customer service skills with her knack for picking up technical processes to serve patients as best as she can. As an UltraCare Guide, Jennifer is motivated to help every patient she works with.

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Johnna Hardy

“Each workday gives me a new opportunity to make a difference in the life of a patient or caregiver and to assist them with conquering the hurdles that they face.”

Johnna has worked in patient access and reimbursement for many years. She has used this avenue to make an impact in the lives of many patients. She enjoys providing support to those who need it most. As a Patient Access Liaison, she finds great satisfaction in helping patients overcome access barriers to treatment.

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Karani Kabuli

“Being in patient services is probably one of the most rewarding jobs I’ve had the opportunity of working in.”

Karani appreciates being able to utilize his knowledge base in insurance and reimbursement to help patients directly. As an UltraCare Guide, he’s committed to serving the best interests of patients.

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Krissy Wright

“Playing an impactful role in each one of my patients’ lives is such an honor. They become like family to me.”

Krissy has many years of experience in both case management and advocacy and the pharmaceutical industry. During her time specializing in rare diseases, she’s put her listening skills and compassion to use in helping patients access care. As an UltraCare Guide, she always puts her patients first.

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Larizza Guerrero

“Our patients and their families have school, work, family drama, childhood issues, and adult issues. The best thing I can do is listen and know when to act.”

Larizza has always loved helping people and found her niche in advocating for patients, their caregivers, and their families. As an UltraCare Guide, she uses a holistic approach to understand how she can best help patients, going beyond just their treatment.

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Lisa Russell

“I love a case that takes an ‘all hands on deck’ approach that results in a patient gaining access to therapy.”

Lisa applies a “just do it” attitude to her work so that her patients know they can rely on her. As an UltraCare Guide, she appreciates being the go-to person for her patients and hearing their stories.

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Lori Arzenti

“I find joy in my work when assisting individuals on their treatment journey. Knowing that you made a difference in a person’s life is very rewarding.”

After a year at Ultragenyx as a Patient Access Liaison, Lori brings her patient-focused compassion to her new role as a Clinical Engagement Liaison. She has worked with rare disease patients for many years in many different roles, product launches, and therapeutic areas.

With a master’s degree in Nursing and Healthcare Administration from Waynesburg University, she began her career in the industry working for CVS as a nurse educator. Lori has been a nurse for more than 2 decades. With her certification in case management and a background in home infusion, she embraces the challenge of helping patients receive their prescribed therapy.

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Luani Jones

“I am motivated to be an UltraCare Guide by knowing that I can change someone’s life.”

Luani has many years of experience working in different aspects of patient assistance and reimbursement. She is passionate about helping people and having a positive impact on their lives. As an UltraCare Guide, she is compassionate and dedicated.

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Meet UltraCare Guide Marcos Hardman

Marcos Hardman

“I want to make sure that patients and their families have all the support they need to access their treatment.”

Marcos has over a decade of experience in patient advocacy and case management. He leverages his medical training and understanding of the treatment landscape to help patients and healthcare providers. As an UltraCare Guide, Marcos is passionate about supporting patients during their treatment journey.

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Max Rizzo

“I love making a difference in the lives of my patients.”

Max brings many years of experience in social work to his role. Max is a bilingual, out-of-the-box thinker, who loves making a difference in the lives of patients. As an UltraCare Guide, he enjoys that his coworkers share his tenacity and dedication to assisting patients.

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Megan Loftis

“There is no greater gift than ending the day knowing our work made a difference in the lives of our patients and caregivers.”

Megan has been working in the healthcare industry for many years. As a Patient Access Liaison at Ultragenyx, she finds her role to be the most rewarding in her career.

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Michael Christner

“With positions in sales, market access, and patient access, my most rewarding time by far has been spent working with patients themselves as this is where my passion is.”

Mike has spent much of his pharmaceutical industry career working in rare disease. After starting out in sales, he transitioned to market access to understand the payer perspective. He then transitioned to patient access where he is honored to work directly with patients. As a Patient Access Liaison, he finds supporting patients, physician teams, and the company all make his job rewarding.

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Monica Magnaye

“What motivates me to be an UltraCare Guide is being able to help families and patients feel secure and informed about their care.”

Monica attended the University of California, Merced and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Molecular and Cell Biology with a minor in Psychology. As an UltraCare Guide, she is driven by her desire to help those in need.

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Robie Barnachea

“Getting patients over hurdles and access to therapy is what motivates me, and I feel accomplished even by the little wins at the end of the day. It’s great to know that I am helping to make a difference in our patients’ lives.”

Robie brings decades of experience in patient services and reimbursement operations to her role. As an UltraCare Guide, she thrives on helping others.

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Rochelle Samuda

“I thrive in building relationships and collaborating with others to go above and beyond.”

Rochelle has spent the last several years of her career dedicating herself to patient advocacy. She’s motivated to be a hero to her patients, making sure she has all the information she needs to help them the best she can. As an UltraCare guide, she’s excited to help patients gain access to care.

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Ryan Sullivan

“My parents instilled in me the drive to be of service to others and Patient Services has been a natural extension of that.”

Ryan Sullivan came to Ultragenyx after working as an 8th grade English teacher in Massachusetts. He has a bachelor’s degree from Bridgewater State College and a master’s degree in Education from Salem State College. As an UltraCare Guide, he is motivated by the desire to be of service to others.

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Sean Chase

“I enjoy working as a team to help patients knock down any potential barriers they have to getting access to treatment.”

Sean has had a long career in the healthcare industry, including time spent working with patient advocacy groups. He enjoys assisting patients through their journey. As a Patient Access Liaison, he is highly motivated by helping patients get access to therapy.

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Sulie Rosales

“I love thinking creatively and finding ‘outside the box’ solutions to help my patients with their treatment needs!”

Sulie loves helping patients gain access to their much-needed treatment. As an UltraCare Guide, she loves connecting with patients and their caregivers and making sure they are confident that they can always reach out to her for any of their patient care needs.

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Meet UltraCare Guide Sylvia Mills

Sylvia Mills
Director of Patient Services, Metabolic Franchise

“The patient always comes first. Having that present at all times provides the inspiration to go above and beyond and give 110% in everything that I do for the patient.”

Sylvia has over 2 decades of patient advocacy and pharmaceutical reimbursement experience. She has worked with diverse patient populations with rare diseases and is an expert in navigating the reimbursement process. As an UltraCare Guide, Sylvia is committed to providing exceptional service to patients and healthcare providers by helping ensure access to treatment and lowering barriers to reimbursement.

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Veronica Padilla

“I am the happiest and feel the most satisfied when I am interacting with patients and assisting them to overcome any reimbursement challenges.”

Veronica is driven to meet each of her patient’s needs and give them the best possible service. As an UltraCare Guide, she knows how to keep calm in high-stress situations, so she can help patients achieve their goals.

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