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Our UltraCare Guides are experienced professionals who can help you at every step of your treatment journey. They can directly answer your questions regarding treatment access and provide you with continued support.

UltraCare Guides are people who help patients gain access to their treatment

Amanda List

“It is very rewarding to see a problem through to the end, and when a patient thanks you, it is the best feeling in the world.”

Amanda has 4 years of experience in case management. She specializes in working with patients with rare diseases. As an UltraCare Guide, she applies her problem-solving skills to her passion for helping others.

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Angelica Ferrera

“Our goal as a team in the company is patient centricity, and being a symbol of hope to our patients motivates me to be an UCG (UltraCare Guide).”

Angelica discovered her calling to make a positive impact in the lives of others while pursuing a degree in kinesthesiology. She’s self-motivated and adaptable, working hard to resolve issues for each of her cases. As an UltraCare Guide, she enjoys providing guidance and support for patients in need.

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Erik Moseley

“I found my passion for helping others navigate through what can be some tough and confusing times, and realized, maybe I can make a difference.”

Erik is in his ninth year of working in patient services and case management. He brings an energetic spirit to every case, helping to make dealing with healthcare providers and insurance companies a little more fun. As an UltraCare Guide, Erik takes joy in making a difference in the lives of patients and the positive differences they make in his.

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Erika Loza

“Being able to hear how happy patients are for the help I have provided is what keeps me going.”

Erika began her career in orthopedics, where she discovered her passion for patient advocacy. She brings her determination and persistence with her to every case. As an UltraCare Guide, she’s passionate about and dedicated to her work and enjoys working with people who have a variety of experiences.

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Fatima Radpay

“What motivates me is the ability to guide and bring hope to individuals who would otherwise remain untreated due to insurance, financial hardships, or lack of resources.”

Fatima has over 14 years of experience in patient advocacy. She’s compassionate about every patient she works with and dedicated to getting them the help they need. As an UltraCare Guide, Fatima appreciates the need for humanity in every interaction she has with patients.

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Greg Pique

“I bring exceptional customer compassion and will continuously pursue action in favor of my patient's well-being.”

Greg has worked in reimbursement and client satisfaction for 13 years. He loves helping people and does not rest on a single case until he has resolved the patient’s issue. As an UltraCare Guide, Greg combines his compassionate nature with his joy for troubleshooting to help patients and their families.

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Jasmine Aimua

“Helping people is one of my passions in life and knowing that someone’s life is being positively affected by the work I do is gratifying.”

Jasmine has 5 years of experience working in case management and reimbursement. She applies her technical science background to understanding what the patients she works with are going through. As an UltraCare Guide, Jasmine thrives on the fast-paced and problem-solving nature of the job.

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Jennifer Kennedy

“The most rewarding part of this job is helping the patients access their medication.”

Jennifer has worked in the patient advocacy field for almost 20 years. She combines her customer service skills with her knack for picking up technical processes to serve patients as best as she can. As an UltraCare Guide, Jennifer is motivated to improving the life of every patient she works with.

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Julie Kwon

“When you make progress for one patient, it feels like you’re making progress for an entire community.”

Julie began her career in patient advocacy working to bridge language and cultural barriers affecting Asian-Pacific Islanders. She is motivated by her conviction that each patient is entitled to every available resource to get the best treatment possible. As an UltraCare Guide, Julie uses her unique experience to push for progress in the reimbursement field.

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Krissy Wright

“Playing an impactful role in each one of my patients’ lives is such an honor. They become like family to me.”

Krissy has nearly 20 years of experience in case management and advocacy and more than 25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. In her 5 years of specializing in rare diseases, she’s put her listening skills and compassion to use in helping patients access care. As an UltraCare Guide, she always puts her patients first.

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Larizza Guerrero

“Our patients and their families have school, work, family drama, childhood issues, and adult issues. The best thing I can do is listen and know when to act.”

Larizza has been working in patient advocacy for about 8 years. She’s always loved helping people and found her niche in advocating for patients, their caregivers, and their families. As an UltraCare Guide, she uses a holistic approach to understand how she can best help patients, going beyond just their treatment.

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Lisa Russell

“I love a case that takes an ‘all hands on deck’ approach that results in a patient gaining access to therapy.”

Lisa has more than 3 years of experience in case management. She applies a “just do it” attitude to her work so that her patients know they can rely on her. As an UltraCare Guide, she appreciates being the go-to person for her patients and hearing their success stories.

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Meet UltraCare Guide Marcos Hardman

Marcos Hardman

“I want to make sure that patients and their families have all the support they need to access their treatment.”

Marcos has 10 years of experience in patient advocacy and case management. He leverages his medical training and understanding of the treatment landscape to help patients and healthcare providers. As an UltraCare Guide, Marcos is passionate about supporting patients during their treatment journey.

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Marisa Perales

“For me, it is an amazing feeling when you know that you have helped someone gain access to their treatment.”

Marisa has strived to improve patient care and minimize coverage barriers for 14 years. In her various roles in the healthcare and biotech industries, she has continued to advocate for access and affordability. As an UltraCare Guide, Marisa is determined to bring her knowledge, passion, and determination to assisting patients and creating a hassle-free environment.

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Max Rizzo

“I love making a difference in the lives of my patients.”

Max has 15 years of experience in social work. Max is a bilingual, out-of-the-box thinker who loves making a difference in the lives of patients. As an UltraCare Guide, he enjoys that his coworkers share his tenacity for and dedication to assisting patients.

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Rochelle Samuda

“I thrive in building relationships and collaborating with others to go above and beyond.”

Rochelle has spent the last several years of her career dedicating herself to patient advocacy. She’s motivated to be a hero to her patients, making sure she has all the information she needs to help them the best she can. As an UltraCare guide, she’s excited to help patients gain access to care.

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Meet UltraCare Guide Sylvia Mills

Sylvia Mills

“The patient always comes first. Having that present at all times provides the inspiration to go above and beyond and give 110% in everything that I do for the patient.”

Sylvia has 20 years of patient advocacy and pharmaceutical reimbursement experience. She has worked with diverse patient populations with rare diseases and is an expert in navigating the reimbursement process. As an UltraCare Guide, Sylvia is committed to providing exceptional service to patients and healthcare providers by helping ensure access to treatment and lowering barriers to reimbursement.

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Veronica Padilla

“I am the happiest and feel the most satisfied when I am interacting with patients and assisting them to overcome any reimbursement challenges.”

Veronica has more than 15 years of patient services experience. She’s driven to meet each of her patient’s needs and give them the best possible service. As an UltraCare Guide, she knows how to keep calm in high-stress situations, so she can help patients achieve their goals.

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